Te iwi Maori, tena koutou katoa
Nga mihi aroha kia koutou

Te iwi Maori, tena koutou katoa

This words I adress specially to the Maori people.

Kia ora!


Te iwi Maori, tena koutou katoa - to the Maori people

Nga mihi aroha kia koutou - greetings of love


I have been dealing with Haka and the cultural topics about it since 2007.

Getting to know the Haka was one of my life´s most important things to happen.

With learning and dancing the Haka I have been gifted with life itself.

That is why Haka is so important to me.

In early 2019 I got to know the Maori Elder Toroa Aperahama. Not only he taught me the Haka, also importantly he made me understand the pain, anger and sorrow I have been causing by using the words `Haka´and `Haka-Campus´ for the work I do.

Until meeting Toroa I hadn´t understood how deeply that had to be an insult for the Maori people.

I was deeply touched when I understood in my heart.

I want to apologize for what I did.

Now I understand much more deeply what Haka means to the Maori people and what is needed to go in contact with this ancient and sacred space where the Haka comes from.

I want to say thanks for the Haka and what influence it had to my and the lifes of others.

I want to say thanks to Toroa Aperahama and his family for letting me know the deeper understanding.

I am hoping for learning more.

I am hoping for learning more about my own roots and cultural traditions that are important to us here in Europe.

I am hoping for a way which makes us go together and not against each other.

I am hoping for respect, love and peace.

I am wishing for making this world a place to live on for us and our children, together. United.


Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa - greetings to you all


With respect